The Ghosty Project

Symbiosis of digital art and everyday life.

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gang of Ghosty

Project Explanation

The Ghosty Project is a NFT collection of 2022 unique little ghosties ready to invade the metaverse but also real life...

Imagined and created by two young French engineers, this project wants to make the link between digital art and everyday life.

The objective is to provide an exclusive access to accessories in the shape of your favorite Ghosties to bring joy and good humor in our homes and streets.

The GhostyMap

rocket launching

Campaign Launching

Launch of the social media on Discord, Twitter and Instagram. Let's create the biggest Ghosteam ever !


Whitelist & Giveaways

A lot of opportunities will surge in this period to allow Discord member to be part of the whitelist and maybe win a free Ghosty's NFT !

Drop 1 OG Ghosty

Drop 1

The 123 OG Ghosties available on our MINT site for the whitelist

Drop 2 420 Ghosty

Drop 2

420 more Ghosties
will be chilling in your wallet

Drop 3 pink Ghosty

Drop 3

You will have 1479 last chance to MINT your Ghosty


1011 Ghosties sold

Once the project is half sold-out, the founder team will show you the next collection which will go far deeper in our favorite Ghosties...

50% sold

2022 Ghosties sold

This step will start a new chapter in The Ghosty Project.
The second campaign will start and the teaser of the MARKETPLACE will be live !

100% sold out

Marketplace available

Owners will have an exclusive access to a website giving them the possibility to buy some goodies and merch at the efigie of their Ghosty

Ghosty fashion brand

Meet the team


Founder & Coder

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Founder & Designer

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Join us on Discord !

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